What is sterling silver? This is a quality jewelry alloy for men.

Sterling silver is the most popular silver alloy today. It is 92.5% pure silver, the remaining 7.5% is copper, sometimes nickel, platinum and other metals. Sterling silver products are marked with 925 samples, which is normal for us. Additives in the form of copper most often significantly increase the strength of the metal and make it harder without losing the main features: reliability, quality and durability.

Sterling Silver is a dazzling white shine and noble alloy. Initially it was used in Germany to produce silver coins, and since 1158 in England, silver became a raw material for the production of the well-known sterling by the decree of King Henry II.

Silver jewelry

Sterling Silver is the most commonly used alloy, in which jewels are made of many decorative items, souvenirs and knives. Despite the relatively low price But it is a metal that is very popular and beautiful That is why jewelry such as silver chains, bracelets, cufflinks or tie clips are especially popular with men. In addition, the modern jewelry industry also has the ability to coat silver products with a thin layer of rhodium, which makes the product look more beautiful and protects the metal from premature dullness and yellowing.

Souvenir and silver gift

Sterling silver is a wonderful and very popular material for making gifts and souvenirs. Agree is always welcome to receive as a silver frame for photos or Silver pens are a very popular gift that can be presented not only But only with colleagues But also the director or manager too. Glasses, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, almost all styles of souvenirs and gift products today are made of 925 silver and are popular and preferred.

Why does money become black?

Many people think that low quality money lists are darkening. But it's not like that Unfortunately, sterling silver is an oxidation sensitive metal.Therefore, there are many reasons why the product, including coins, is deformed:

One of the main causes of darkening the silver is the increased humidity in the air and the general environment. That is why it is not advisable to shower and bathe in decorations made of this metal.
Even if you don't forget to remove the silver jewelry during the oil treatment, it's likely that it will turn black over time and your sweat will be the cause.
It is believed that money will be darkened if patients wear it. Supposedly a special process occurs in the body of the back, because the blood can change the chemical composition, which is reflected in the decoration. However, this model is a folk omen that has no scientific evidence.
To make your jewelry from 925 sterling silver always seem new, it is enough to take care and clean them with the help of special tools that are sold in the jewelry store.

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